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Five ways to help survive finals week

Jannon Roque Hawkeye Staff
Jannon Roque
Hawkeye Staff
Beza Ayele Hawkeye Staff
Beza Ayele
Hawkeye Staff










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The week before finals week and the week of finals, is a very stressful time for students and teachers.

With students not only having to adjust to a new schedule a week later, they also are required to take finals for all classes they’re enrolled in.

With the average student here at Terrace taking six classes a day, there are six final tests or projects students must complete over a course of two days. Since these are the final scores going into the grade book for that semester, it’s a must to study and finish all assignments so you are able to get the grade you desire.

With the changes that go on through a semester, keeping your mind focused is a must. By following these helpful tips, you will find yourself with a happier self and grade book at the end of the semester.

1. Turn off all those distractions

Sign out of your Facebook, Twitter, Xbox Live, etc. When you have a lot of work to do, you find yourself wanting to find other distractions such as social media or video games to get away from the work. By deleting these distractions, you will have more time to study and not wasting time by tweeting or playing video games.

2. Study in groups

Studying alone can be boring and painful. Dragging through hours of review alone isn’t a very enjoyable time. Finding a group of friends or even a group from your class to review with not only makes review easier, as you can bounce ideas and answers off of each other, but you can also have a good time and maybe make a new friend or two.

3. Meet with teachers for extra help

If you find yourself struggling in classes or you don’t know how or what you need to do for your finals, a good idea is to talk to the teachers. Teachers will always be happy to help, even during finals week. Learning straight from the source is an almost sure-fire way to get all the information you need on the final you’re about to take.

4. Construct a study schedule

Mindlessly reviewing for hours on end is a tedious task within itself. Taking periodic breaks between your reviews helps keep your mind focused. A good strategy is to review for 30 minutes to an hour, and take a 15 minute break. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, as sleep deprivation can harm your memory and you’ll find yourself sluggish and tired while studying.

5. Avoid the urge to cram

Studying the night before all your tests is not a good way to pass the test. Shoving all that information into your head the night before may lead you to forgetting a lot of what you looked what. Even though you will remember some of it, you’ll remember all your materials in the long run if you study them periodically and will find yourself having an easier time then if you crammed.

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