3OH!3 comes to Albertsons in MLT

3OH!3 comes to Albertsons in MLT

By Paxtyn Merten

Pop band 3OH!3 made an appearance at the Albertsons in MLT  for KISS FM’s annual food drive, Thanksgiving on the Mayflower.

Bandmembers Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman arrived at Albertsons for their meet and greet about 15 minutes later than their scheduled 3 p.m. According to Foreman, this was due to their bus breaking down somewhere between Spokane and Seattle.

3OH!3’s presence was meant to encourage more people to donate food to the drive. Also drawing attention to the scene, KISS FM’s on-air morning show host, Bender, is camping on top of the 16-wheeler food collection semi truck for the entire duration of the event. The KISS crew arrived at Albertsons yesterday morning. Since then, Bender has been camping in his tent on the roof of the semi.

“He won’t come down until it’s full,” KISS FM promotions coordinator Hannah Kress said.

KISS FM’s goal is to completely fill the semi truck with nonperishable food items. According to Kress, the food will be donated to Northwestern Harvest, a nonprofit food bank distributor.

Thanksgiving on the Mayflower has been reoccurring at different grocery stores for the last 10 years or so, and every year the truck has been successfully filled. After almost two days and a generous donation from Albertsons, the semi truck is estimated to be almost halfway full.

“Today, Albertsons donated six pallets, which is about a quarter of the truck,” Kress said. “I think we should fill it by tomorrow afternoon.”

According to Kress, the MLT Albertsons location was chosen to host Thanksgiving on the Mayflower in order to better serve the listeners in the northern end of KISS’s broadcasting area.

“We really do appreciate all the support from the north end and everyone who donated online. We appreciate everything from one can of food to a whole pallet,” Kress said.