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By Nick Fiorillo

Updated Nov. 5, 6:36 p.m. 

As vote counts are being finalized for the Nov. 2013 General Election, it’s clear that this election was a huge victory for local incumbents.

This election featured key battles locally, including three well-fought for battles for MLT City Council positions three, four and five.

As of 6:36 p.m., incumbent MLT city council-members Kyoko Wright, Bryan Wahl and Doug McCardle are all leading their challengers in each of their contested positions. McCardle, who was faced by challenger Stephen Barnes, is winning with a very slim margin.

Mayor Jerry Smith and Councilman Rick Ryan ran unopposed.

For the Brier Mayoral election, as of 9:49 p.m., incumbent Mayor Bob Colinas had a hefty lead over challenger Adam Gregorich.

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The most current information can be found online at the Snohomish County General Election Results Page.