PSAT/PLAN test shouldn’t be forced on students

PSAT/PLAN test shouldnt be forced on students

By Editorial Board

While both the PLAN and PSAT tests are very helpful in preparing students for the future, District officials should not have made these tests required for all juniors and sophomores.

The testing on Oct. 16 took up more than half of the school day. And like numerous other testing days, the second half of the day was wasted by 15 minute periods. Many teachers simply gave these periods out as free time, a complete waste of time.

Furthermore, students should be mature enough to make their own decisions about preparing for their futures. Not everyone is planning on attending a four-year university after high school, so why is everyone required to take the PSAT and practice for the college testing exam?

To make it worse, this was another fee students were required to pay. The $14 fee was another additional expense for families.\

While it’s good that MTHS provides students with opportunities to prepare for the future, students deserve the right to decide what opportunities they should take advantage of to prepare for their future.