Despite recent gains, women deserve better treatment

By Tessa Pilz

Hello, my name is Tessa Pilz and I am a woman residing in western Washington. As a woman I would like to inform you with some of my feelings towards how the world we live in portrays women. This letter is not directly aimed towards you. My point in this letter is for other people to see into my personal perspective.

As I, a woman, I stand for who I am because I represent half of the world with my gender. In an article published by the Chicago Tribune the writer was enlightening ladies on how to make their eyelashes longer so that they can “look prettier.” That is the first problem with society. Everyone believes that women need make-up to be beautiful. Where did this come from? Why don’t men have to wear make-up to look good?

Most women wake up every morning and have to spend at least an hour to get ready so that they can look decently attractive for the opposite sex and their peers around them. We women have to go through so many tough things in our life already and on top of all of this we have to impress other people around us to be liked. For example, in the city, at school, or at the work place, the pretty ladies are always the ones that turn heads and make people want to talk to them. The reason that most of them are so pretty is because they have an inch of fake on their face.

To add on to this dilemma, I have another point on the tip of my tongue. As we all know women are not respected in society as much as men are. Men are the winners, they bring home the most money, and they can do more in the world, get more work done and have more authority to respect. Not many people will listen to a woman who is telling her story but if a man is speaking the world stops to listen. Still in China right now, and most likely the rest of the work, women are not respected. They are treated near to nothing just because they are not male.

Females are required to go through tougher situations in their life. They have to deal with more problems and have less authority. We already have enough drawbacks as we are and yet society is till trying to add more by telling us to buy make-up to look “pretty, beautiful, attractive.”

All in all, I believe that we are all equal. Men and women have their differences of course, no one is the same. However, we shall not be treated as the lesser value. Everyone makes the world go round, men and women alike.