Peeling back the next layer of the Red Onion

By Paxtyn Merten

After encountering many problems along the way, Red Onion Burgers Owner Seaun Richards has discontinued his plan to create a hot dog restaurant. Instead, he is introducing hot dogs to the menu of the Red Onion.

The hot dog restaurant, which was to be named Relish Works, was intended to be open on July 1. If it wasn’t open by then, the plan was to have it up and running by July 15 at the latest.

Many people expressed their disappointment to Richards about his inability to open R. Relish Works. This lead to his consolation idea: put hot dogs on the current Red Onion menu. While there are a few types of hot dogs that have already been added, Richards is planning on implementing around 12 more types.

Among the hot dogs being introduced is a challenge dog named the “Relish Works Challenge.” The Red Onion owners are utilizing this name because they didn’t get a chance to use it for it’s own restaurant, according to Richards. The “Relish Works Challenge” will essentially be the hot dog version of Red Onion’s challenge hamburger, “The Intimidator.” A few people have already taken the hot dog challenge, but it has not been added to the menu yet.

Cutting the old Red Onion building completely out of the picture, Richards is planning on expanding his business elsewhere. However, he plans to stay local and is already looking at locations in MLT, south Everett, Lake Forrest Park, Kenmore and Edmonds. As of now, Richards said he is leaning towards a building in south Everett.