Family-run farmers market to open on corner of 212th and 44th



Paxtyn Merten | Hawkeye

By Paxtyn Merten

Yet another business is opening on the corner of 212th St. and 44th Ave. later this week. In the building where many different trades have tried to make their way, Sunshine Market, a locally owned and supplied farmers market, is moving in.

Owner of Sunshine Market, Alex Almtowaq, is looking forward to selling locally grown produce, namely fruits and vegetables supplied by Charlie’s Produce. This company goes out and retrieves goods from different local farms.

“After about a month, when we [as a business] are on our feet, we are going to go out to local Washington farms in Wenatchee, Spokane and Mount Vernon ourselves to get our produce,” Almtowaq said.

Paxtyn Merten | Hawkeye
Paxtyn Merten | Hawkeye

According to Almtowaq, his business is going to sell, “The highest quality produce at half the price of anybody in the area.” He claimed that they might even sell produce for less than half of what their neighbor and competitor, Albertsons, sells for.

“It’s always about quality and quality with the cheapest prices,” Almtowaq said.

Sunshine Market’s cheap prices and fast, friendly service are what Almtowaq believes will prevent competition with Albertsons. He also brought up that they were two very different businesses, so he is, “Not worried at all.”

While the goal is to have the market open by Monday, Almtowaq and his family will definitely have it open by Friday at the latest. Final steps such as obtaining a credit card machine and refrigerator, as well as painting the ground, are in the process. Also, they are waiting on the Health Department to come and give their building the final okay before opening shop.

The busy roads and lack of another farmers market-style business in the area were factors that drew Almtowaq and his business to the spot on the edge of Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace. The current owner’s agreement to let Almtowaq remodel the building helped finalize his decision, as well. Once the City of Lynnwood approves his business’ information and he is ready to open shop, he can officially buy the property.

People have been asking Almtowaq about when the market is going to open and what exactly it’s going to be. Now, the family-run business is finally hitting it off.