Vocal group deserves to be ‘Accented” more

By Kaitlyn Martin

We have many wonderful choirs in our school. I’m sure everyone has all heard of Dynamics. They are a phenomenal choir and they have won many competitions, such as Lionel Hampton. But there is another choir at the school as well. This is the Accents Woman’s Ensemble.

This choir is also an audition choir, meaning that you can’t get in unless you try out. You have to be good to get in this choir, and they do challenging things. This choir recently went to the Sno-King Festival. They got a 1-, or an almost perfect score. (Think of it as an A-). Nobody was told about this except for friends of the choir members. This is a very good score and the choir didn’t get recognized for getting it.

Woman’s choirs can never be as good or sing as challenging music as Dynamics. They have guys, which allows them to sing in five or more part harmony. With only girls in the choir, we can only reach up to four part harmony. Because of the economy failing, schools are not letting girls choirs go to big competitions. For the competition at CBC, only two girls choirs signed up this year. This is including Accents. Schools should give girls choirs a chance to compete as well.

All I’m asking is for Accents to get a little more recognition. After all, you do have to try out to get into this choir as well as Dynamics. No, they are not as good as Dynamics, but they are better than a regular choir and they deserve to be in the spotlight a little bit as well.