Local artist Cee Lambert specializes in painting portraits of pets


By Sereena Gee

Entering the Mountlake Terrace Library, several rows of bright, furry faces cover the wall.

Painted delicately with pastels, local artist Cee Lambert’s artwork brings the scene of the library to life. Each of Lambert’s paintings is unique, and is displayed with the goal of promoting cultural events in the area.

Lambert is a local artist who creates bright land and seascapes of the Pacific Northwest, as well as pet portraits.

Beginning March 1, the Mountlake Terrace Arts Advisory Commission launched the Cee Lambert Exhibit in Mountlake Terrace Library. The exhibit will be up for enjoyment until March 31.

Currently on display at the Mountlake Terrace Library is Lambert’s collection “Animal Zone,” which is an assortment of oil-painted pet portraits.

Her favorite painting technique is in oil, as well as being her first. “Animal Zone” is full of bright colors, is very fun, realistic and personalized. It is quite the enjoyment for those who pass by on their way into the library.

Lambert also teaches art classes and has the aim of producing artwork that makes people happy. Lambert has been painting for nearly 30 years and says that she was “born an artist.”

She said that she paints because it is “relaxing.”

“Some find it [to cause] anxiety, but I find it relaxing,” Lambert said.

Her favorite piece of artwork was recently sold, titled “Hot Stuff,” a creation of hot chili peppers.

The pet paintings that Lambert has displayed at the library took about 15 hours to paint each, spread over several days. Her work requires three layers, under painting, the second layer, and the fine details.

“I just like ones with character in their eyes. Feather, furry, feline, I don’t mind,” Lambert said.

However, these aren’t the only pets that can be captured in art. Lambert will paint a portrait of your pet, starting at $175, just email her at [email protected].