Modern Technology: enhances the human experience

By Gurminder Singh

A lot of people use electronics everyday, it is part of their daily lifestyle. So many features improve our day to day lives. You can’t be addicted to something that is beneficial to all, and everyone uses. We do depend on electronics, but mainly because they have had a profoundly positive effect on society.

According to Marketing land, in 2011, the average American spent 6.9 hours on social networking, when in 2006 the average American spent 2.7 hours. Socializing in person was 22.8 hours in 2006. People can now text or call their friends, giving way to a new era of communication.

Social networking has just become part of one’s life. The average American spends 6.7 hours on Facebook and 21 minutes on twitter per month. These networks continue to give us a richer connection to our friends and family.

Also, education needs electronics! There is a lot of information on the Internet that we use to learn and share our ideas. The way the Internet has unlocked an entire new world of information for us is invaluable. Without it, this world would come to a standstill.

Some may say that these devices have taken over our lives, but that is untrue. These amazing devices have no downside, therefore it isn’t a takeover as much as it is a helping hand.

According to research, people who are under the age of 25 are more likely to be on social networking sites than people who are older than 25. Yes, roughly 18 percent of people under 25 can’t go more than a couple hours without checking in on Facebook. This is may be true, but it isn’t a bad thing. Friends can’t always be there with each other.

These devices bridge gaps of homes, cities, schools, and even continents. Since electronics are all over our lives, it’s not called an addiction because everyone is using them. I mean, we don’t say you’re addicted to brushing your teeth because it’s beneficial and everyone does it.

It’s the same story with electronics. Electronics were designed to aid our lives and, so far, they have done a pretty good job.