Modern Technology: detracts from life

By Conner Worman

We live in an amazing world. So many rich experiences and things to do. One could not ask for a better way to spend life. Too bad we are missing out on these wonderful things because everyone’s face is buried in their electronics.

Laptops, smart phones, tablets; there’s a device for everyone. These machines can be wonderful, but the extent that we use them to is just borderline stupid. Let’s use these devices to enhance life, not replace it.

According to, 23 percent of teens between 12 and 17 are reported to own smart phones – and those are just smart phones! Some 77 percent of teens in the same age range own a cellular phone of some kind. Even without the statistics, the addiction is clear. There is always that kid in class texting, tweeting or surfing the web. These devices have completely taken over society.

What happened to actually listening in class? The way our devices are used is robbing us of rich experiences in life. True, these devices also open up new doors. Communication that was previously impossible and access to an infinite bank of information. These are very good ways to use these devices, but is it really necessary to check Facebook in the middle of class? Because according to, students who use Facebook and study get 20 percent lower grades. You make the call if it’s worth it or not.

A cellphone was a common gift when you became a teenager. A little bit later, maybe a smart phone or a tablet. But it appears that age range has shrunk down to include even toddlers. In fact, 42 percent of kids younger than 8 now have a television in their room, according to Why does an 8-year-old need a TV in their room? They’re supposed to have stuffed animals and train sets, not electronic stimulation. Cell phones just increase the chances that these children will stop going outside and live life.

Studies from the Huffington Post online show that 84 percent of people say that they could not go a day without their phone. Seriously? It’s a phone. Going one day without knowing your friends every move isn’t hard. Some people go without electricity their whole lives!

Technology is amazing, but the extent to which personal electronic devices are used renders them a distraction. Unplug from this electric nightmare and live life off the screen.