Civic Center proposal going back on the ballot

By Hawkeye Staff

Mountlake Terrace City Council has decided to put the civic center ballot back on ballot. The $25 million bond measure for the construction of the Civic Center will be on the Apr. 23 ballot.

The city is continuing its seminars about what the current problems are, and what this bond measure proposes through their “Civic Center 101” presentation.

City Manager John Caulfield emphasized that the downtown is beginning to rebuild and the benefit of owning versus renting will save citizens at least $18 million over the life of the Civic Center building. He noted that the Civic Center project creates permanency and also demonstrates fiscal responsibilities.

Rent payments would continue forever and harden the ability to fund basic city services such as police, parks and more. There is no funding to continue to rent the interim beginning in 2014. Another option would be to ask voters for increase in property taxes. To continue renting the Interim City Hall, cut essential services, or a combination of both.