Pass privileges too exclusive

Pass privileges too exclusive

By admin

High food prices and long lines have caused many students at Terrace to search for alternative dining during lunchtime.

With the current off campus pass system we have in place, there are two main passes that students can use to get food outside of school, the off campus pass and the Senior Privilege Pass. The off campus pass is for all grade levels based on the previous semester. Freshmen must wait until second semester to apply and all students must have less than six absences and no failing classes as well as a few other requirements. The pass simply allows them to walk off campus during lunch. The Privilege pass is for seniors who meet the same requirements as everyone else, but can drive
off campus at any time.

This does not affect freshman and sophomores, who are usually are just beginning to drive, but why should juniors not be allowed to drive off campus as well? Principal Greg Schwab said, “[The senior privilege pass] should be a reward for doing well at school and staying out of trouble. It’s a way to try to recognize students who try to do things correctly.” If seniors are going to be given so much more freedom because they are a year older, then they should at least be held to a higher standard than someone getting a basic off campus pass.

Many juniors pay to park in the school parking lot and are taking advanced senior level classes. Hypothetically a junior could be a licensed driver in multiple senior classes and still have to walk
off campus for lunch while the senior, who parks next to them and is in the same classes, could drive.
Obviously the current system is understandably in place for liability purposes, but if there are going to be such drastically different privileges for people who are only one year apart, then the standards should be different as well. Why should juniors take advanced classes or pay for parking if they will not be given the same privileges as seniors who do the same?

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