Pained Hearts by Ryan Austin Ogilvie

<i>Pained Hearts</i> by Ryan Austin Ogilvie

By Denait Medhane

EDITOR’S NOTE: Senior Ryan Austin Ogilvie’s asked to put his poem in The Hawkeye for his senior project. 


The homeless man walks a cold street
His clothes torn and share him no warmth at all
He carries a bag of peanuts, but he does not eat them
He instead gives them to the other homeless souls
His smiles seem unfit for him and his situation
The other souls cannot understand his kindness
They ask, “What would make a man starve himself to feed others?”
He does not care about having food is his famished stomach,
His only wish is to share the optimism he carries.
The sheltered souls are baffled if not ignoring him,
They ask, “Why would like him be so selfless?”
He does not care about having any physical belongings,
His only desire is to bring hope and ideals into a world lacking them.
As he runs out of food, he takes shelter under a streetlight.
Night passes and dawn rises again, his life extinguishes;
His soul now gone into the Aeither, his body now hollow trash.
The souls that witnesses his his idealistic kindness came to him,
Their souls cried out in pain with the loss of his smile.
They mourned his death, but not with gloom and despair;
The souls began to embrace his kind ideal within their hearts.
Their greed atoned and became a selfless desire.