Coach’s Corner: What are the coaches saying?

By AnhViet Nguyen

Women’s Golf

“So far I have been pleased with the results. From the first few matches we have established ourselves as a competitive team with hopes of entering all five-varsity players into the Divisional Tournament in May.

Our goals first and foremost are always to be safe and have fun. We’ve done that, and will continue to do that. Beyond those goals, we want to get all five varsity players into the Divisional Tournament and then at least a handful of them into the District Tournament.”

-Coach Hart

Women’s Tennis

“Our team goal was to surpass the number of wins from last season; however, injuries and illness have prevented me from having a consistent line up for a while. The girls however, are working hard to turn things around and it is just a matter of time before they accomplish that. Some of the key players, such a seniors and cocaptain Teryn Bouche and Corinne Pingul, have had some tough loses. [Other players are] improving every match are Gillian Braden-Armstrong and Kendall Stead.

-Coach Ramirez


“They’ve really been showing their strengths as a team and proving they are tough to beat. The really great thing about these girls and this team is that they don’t give up when we are behind (or ahead) in a game. They continue to make things happen at the plate and do their jobs on the field. My personal goals for the team are to learn and increase skills, work hard at practice, have an enjoyable experience, and control the things you can control, which are your attitude and effort.”

-Coach Knight


“I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do. We have great individual performers. I expect at least 4 kids to participate at state. There have been some good newcomers this year. If we could get all of the athletes in our school, we could be top 3 in the league. Some of the important players are Nina Penner, Amanda Grantham, Colette Delizo, Mason Stone, Zach Karels, Billy Breneman, Max Wicklander, Dakota Red Cloud, and Brandon Hines, [to name a few].”

-Coach Vincent