Lilianne Nguyen November 2012 opinion column

By Denait Medhane

This month, Terrace has many things planned and some things have already occurred. To start, the first quarter ended Nov. 2 and teachers are finishing up all of their grades.

The school’s annual Macho Volleyball tournament took place Nov. 6 in our main gym. For those who don’t know what Macho Volleyball is, it is an aggressive loud competition for boys to show off their volleyball skills in a double elimination tournament. The team can have up to eight players and two coaches. The top two teams move onto districts, which were last night in the Terraceum.

The top two teams from every school in the Edmonds School District compete to see who the top team in the district is.

Do you know what was to be announced Nov. 6? The Presidential Election!

All last week, you could see some of Chris Ellinger’s block class asking people if they’ve registered to take part in the Mock Election.

If you did, voting was Tuesday in front of the theater. The mock election’s results are that Barack Obama wins, charter schools failed, same-sex marriage passed, legalizing marijuana passed, and Jay Inslee won.

In the real election, Obama wins in a close race, and all the laws got passed.

As you may know, the junior class ASB has been in discussion of a prom location. The choices that have been discussed are the Columbia Tower Club, The Seattle Art Museum and the Seattle Sculpture Park.

A couple weeks ago the junior ASB discussed the places with the entire junior class after an emergency fire drill and had everyone vote for one. The top two that the class chose were the Columbia Tower and the Seattle Sculpture Park. Conflict started when there were pricing problems, so all of the locations are still in discussion. They are still contemplating about all of the locations and will decide on a final location soon.

As December is coming up, winter sports are beginning. Many people are very excited for basketball season this year as said on Twitter and Facebook because of all the excitement the Rowdy Rooters put into the crowd and how good we are.

By the way, it is already an official club. Rowdy Rooter meetings are Monday mornings and Stew is the adviser. More details on that soon.

Also girl’s basketball and wrestling are starting as well. If you are interested, tryouts are next week!

Something else that is coming up is our annual canned food drive put on by our Interhigh. You are able to bring in cans or non perishable items between Nov. 13 and  29.

This year’s competition will be between hallways so collect as many cans as you can to help out our Terrace community!