Fire closes Red Onion


Eve Largent | Hawkeye Local burger joint Red Onion caught on fire on Oct. a, causing the restaurant to close down and is not expected to open for around three to four months.

By Nick Fiorillo

Local restaurant, The Red Onion, remains closed after it suffered significant fire damage on Oct. 1. No one was hurt during the fire. According to Fire District 1, the fire was reported around 9:05 p.m.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but according to Fire District 1, “it does not appear to be suspicious.” reported the speculation is that a “pilot light for the grill was left on after the restaurant closed, causing the grill to heat up excessively and ignite a grease collection on the grill hood.”

The most serious damage occurred in Red Onion’s kitchen and in the building’s ductwork.

Eve Largent | Hawkeye
Most of the damage from the fire at Red Onion occurred in the kitchen.

“The building was filled with smoke and flames were coming from the back portion of the building when the first fire engine arrived from Fire Station 19 located just a few blocks away,” Public Information Officer for Snohomish County Fire District 1 Leslie Hynes said.

The fire was fully contained by 20 firefighters in 15 minutes.

The current damage is serious enough that Red Onion has to close its doors. Red Onion owner and MLT City Councilman Sean Richards told he doesn’t expect the restaurant to open for another “three to four months.”

However, Red Onion promises that they will return triumphant. “Oh yeah baby, we will be back,” a post from Red Onion’s Facebook page on Oct. 2.

The Red Onion is known for their community support. Red Onion has done a number of community fundraisers, including many for sports and other programs for MTHS.

Most recently, Red Onion held a fundraiser produced by the MTHS Football Boosters for MTHS’ Watson Family.

Red Onion has also held fundraisers for MTHS Music Boosters, the “Backpacks for Little Hawks” program, the MLT Senior Center and Taluswood Fire Victims.

Another post from Red Onion’s Facebook page on Oct. 4 suggested that even though they didn’t have their restaurant’s building, the fundraisers would go on. “I was just reminded that I have outside seating and a BBQ. I know how to set up a hand washing station and we have a bathroom. I think you all know where I am going with this,” the post read.

Even though Red Onion is usually doing the community supporting, the community has shown tremendous support for Red Onion. Fans and community members have expressed their sadness and support of the Red Onion via its Facebook page.

Some of the posts read things like “you are in our thoughts” and “so sorry to hear this.” Supporters also offered their help in any way they could to support.

The message is clear. Red Onion loves MLT and MLT loves the Red Onion.