Staff Editorial

By Conner Worman

Annual sports assembly proves to be a success

On April 19 it was that time of year again to have another sports and activities assembly, which was a huge hit. This assembly showcased the captains of various spring sports like baseball, golf, and tennis. The theme of the assembly was “survivor,” where captains of the sports competed in various events such as taking a feather across the gym on a plate and making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, blindfolded, as their partner gave them instructions. If they failed, they were eliminated. The break-dance and Hip-Hop teams also performed which was excellent, despite the technical difficulties before Hip-Hop performed. When it was all over and time for the Supersonic, the new cheer squad was introduced to perform with current squad. This really got the audience participating. Though this was the last sports/activities assembly of the year, it could not have gone out with a bigger bang.


DUI Senior Project awes big crowd of students

Yasmin Abdulahi’s senior project about drunk driving awareness got a lot of positive feedback from students and it was a very straight-forward and involved. The way she went about setting up the presentation was very professional, the fact that she was able to bring in real cars and local emergency response personnel made it all the more effective. Students don’t realize how dangerous some of the things are we hear about in the news. When she brought in two guest speakers – including one who had driven high – also shed light on the myth that smoking pot and driving is okay and safer than drinking. The make-up done by Jenna Berndt was beyond what an amateur make-up artist is usually capable of, and without the realistic nature of the wounds, the demonstration would not have been as effective. This was a powerful student presentation.