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Marijuana, the effects

Ganja, refeer, chronic, herb, dope, A bomb, ace, dro, weed, pot, maryjane, grass, cannabis, and along with many others are names for a drug made from marijuana. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), “Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the U.S.”

This drug is made from the plant Cannabis sativa and is used in many different ways. Teens need to know the effects marijuana has on the body and need to know what the risks are.

Marijuana is typically smoked from a cigarette, which is more commonly known as a joint. It can also be smoked in a cigar, which is known as a blunt or a pipe. A less common way to get the effects from marijuana are by making tea with the marijuana leaves. Also, by digesting it in food such as brownies or cookies. Donna Leger, a writer for USA Today, held a poll that showed 17.4 million people are users of marijuana.

According to Amal Chakraburtty from WebMD.com, a study was conducted that confirmed up to 30 percent of teenagers smoke marijuana. An NIDA survey in 2009 showed that 28.5 million Americans age 12 and older had abused marijuana at least once in the last year, 27.5 percent were sophomores and 34.8 percent were seniors.

Smoking is one of the easiest way for marijuana to enter the blood stream. When the smoke is inhaled from the burning marijuana, the fumes and toxic chemicals go directly to the lungs. Then the lungs absorb the harsh chemicals and distribute them throughout the rest of the body through the blood stream.

Among other lethal chemicals, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a very powerful chemical in marijuana that affects the body. According to British anti-doping specialist Michele Vrronken, THC affects the brain in many different ways; it causes challenges of coordination, thought, memory, concentration, sensory, and pleasure.

Other short-term side effects a user of marijuana can experience are loss of concentration, problems with learning, difficulty with problem solving, wrong perception, and anxiety attacks. Physical effects of marijuana are increase in heart rate, red eyes, dry mouth, slowed reaction time, and an increase in appetite.

Marijuana may cause many long-term side effects from extended use. It can harm the parts of the brain responsible for responding to stress and keeping motivation. Difficulty with having children has also been suggested.

Respiratory problems such as bronchitis have been reported. It can cause decreases in blood pressure which can lead to dizziness or a lower ability to fight disease and infections. Also, a user of marijuana may experience depression, anxiety, mood swings, schizophrenia, mental illnesses, or other emotional problems.

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Since marijuana is known as a gateway drug, the drug user is more likely to try other drugs. It is eight times more likely to have used cocaine, 15 times more likely to use heroine, and five times more likely to need substance abuse treatment for a person who has been a user of marijuana.

However, researchers are not certain if marijuana is a direct cause of these other drug complications. Not only can it affect the body and mind, but it can hurt your chances of getting a job or going to college if it is put on your criminal record.

Although medical marijuana can be obtained with a prescription, it is still illegal for recreational use in Washington. If a marijuana user wants to quit it is important they seek advice and professional help.

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    rafael tellezFeb 7, 2013 at 11:25 am

    can you over dose from smoking to much weed?