What to expect – Greg Schwab Column Issue 5

By Principal Schwab

Now that we’re into the second semester of the school year, the next thing we get to start working on is registration for 9th, 10th and 11th graders. The registration process is really critical to us as we use this information to help us determine which classes we are going to offer and how many sections of regular and honors classes to offer. Our registration process is based on what students tell us they want to take and we use this information to build our schedule. With that being said there are some things that are critical for you all to consider as you think about your classes for next year.

First, be very sure about the elective, honors and AP classes you choose to take. While it is not impossible, we are pretty limited in our ability to make schedule changes once we have decided which classes to offer each year. Every year students come to the Counseling Office at the start of the new year and want to drop a class after they chose it. Sometimes the reasons for needing to drop are valid, but sometimes they are not. Learn about the classes you plan to take before you select them. Educate yourself on the requirements for the class. Go talk to the teacher during Registration and find out about the class. It is really important that you make educated choices so that you are in the classes you will be happy with for the whole year.

Think about what your future plans are beyond high school. This is what should determine your classes—not what classes your friends are taking. If you plan to go to college, there are requirements that you need to fulfill in your high school courses now. Talk to your counselor and learn what those requirements are so that you have the door to college open to you when you graduate. Likewise, if you plan to go a vocational school or some other work training program, make sure you take courses now that can help get you there when you graduate. We have some incredible vocational programs available to you both within our district and through out-of-district programs. Again, talk to your Counselor. They are experts in these programs and can help get you where you want to go.

Take the time to actually fill out the forms and turn in your Registration paperwork. If you don’t turn in your course selections, we’ll do this for you. Your counselor will build you a schedule based on your needs but you will have no input into the classes you take next year. And there will be little to no opportunity for you to change your schedule if it is created by your counselor. If you want to have input and the chance to select your classes, turn in your completed forms by the deadline.

Finally, I want to thank our counselors – Ms. Salvatore, Ms. Ummel, Ms. Petterson, Ms. Mosholder and Ms. Egger, and our secretaries, Ms. Runkel and Ms. Stewart for the amazing work they do to prepare us for registration every year. Thanks also to Ms. Spellman in the Career Center for her help organizing the upcoming Electives Fair. These staff members work incredibly hard to make sure the registration process goes smoothly.