Greg Schwab Column Issue 4

By Principal Schwab


I can’t believe that we’re already at Winter Break. We have just a couple more weeks of school then it’s time to take a break and enjoy the holidays. There is always so much going on here a Terrace that it’s hard to keep track sometimes but here are some of the highlights:

Schedule Change Coming – yes, it’s true. There is a slight modification to our schedule coming and it will start during the last week before Winter Break. We’ll start running a new schedule on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week that will have built in some time for students to see teachers so they can get help in classes they are having trouble with and to make up tests they might have missed. Also, we’ll be providing some assistance for students who need to prepare for the Math End of Course Make Up exams in February. The reason for this change is really simple—when we lost Tutorial this year, there was no longer an opportunity for students to see teachers outside of class time. This was especially true for students who ride the bus to and from school.

This change will allow for a couple of days per week where students can have access to teachers during the school day.

You may have noticed that in the display case at the front doors, there is a giving tree. We are seeking to help students and families in our community who need assistance.

This is a great opportunity for each of us to help in a small way and make the holidays a little easier for those families who are struggling because of the tough economic conditions.

We’re in full swing with our Winter Sports season. Student-Athletes are competing in Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, Wrestling and Boys’ Swimming. Please join me in wishing our student-athletes the best of luck.

During the next two weeks, there will be some great chances to see our music programs and students as they perform in holiday concerts. I would encourage you to go check out a concert and see just how talented our students are.

Finally, I just want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season. Like we used to say in grade school, “see you next year!”