Men’s basketball team announced

Mens basketball team announced

By Desmond Saisitthidej

Coach Sood announced the rosters for this year’s men’s basketball teams this morning.

The first chance you’ll have to see this year’s varsity in action is at JAM SESSION XVIII slated for 5:30 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 22 in the Terraceum.

Here are the rosters,  numbers haven’t been assigned yet.

Varsity – Coach Nalin Sood

    1. Coby Russell (senior)
    2. Eric Moisant (senior)                  
    3. Andrew Moisant (senior)
    4. Ryan Shannon (senior)
    5. Blake Fernandez (junior)
    6. Marquis Armstead (junior)                       
    7. Jesse Zerom (junior)
    8. Michael Lotz (junior)
    9. Greg Bowman (sophomore)
    10. Loren Lacasse (sophomore)             
    11. Devante Downs (sophomore)

Junior Varsity – Coach Greg Wirtz

    1. LeTrae Sarden (junior)
    2. Yohans Tewolde (junior)
    3. Toby Munnis (sophomore)
    4. Jordan Brown (sophomore)
    5. Dominic DeMiero (sophomore)
    6. Jonathan Williams (sophomore)
    7. Yoel Tekle (sophomore)
    8. Yonnas Tewolde (sophomore)
    9. Dylan Tracy (sophomore)
    10. Daniel Theis (sophomore)

Freshmen – Coach Luke Hammond

    1. Erik Hynes
    2. Jessie Louie
    3. Jake Bergan
    4. Danny Roth
    5. Ali Shah
    6. Gabe Gundman-Brady
    7. Ben Reijonen
    8. Justin Hopkins
    9. Prescott Day
    10. Isaiah Green
    11. Matthew Moisant
    12. Michael Fisher & Isaiah Salamanca (TBD)