Staff Eds

By Hawkeye Staff

Homecoming isn’t a house party

“If you bend, the dance will end” is a policy adopted by many schools in the Edmonds School District. The policy basically means that if any student is not dancing face to face with some space, the dance will end early and in some cases, the rest of the dances during the year will be canceled. During the Homecoming dance this year, space seemed like a foreign concept to students. Multiple students decided to ignore the rule, and ‘grind’ their homecoming date. Surprisingly, administration and chaperons did nothing. The only addressing of this rule was the DJ saying, “The students know the rules.” Last year’s Tolo dance had a lot of students grinding, completely ignoring the policy, and for the rest of the year, all the dances except Prom were canceled. Will administration address the dirty dancing policy at this school before the next dance, or will students look toward next year as a chance to show administration that they can dance face to face?


Bringing students together with spirit days

Homecoming was an exciting week for us at Terrace. It brought the student body together on fun spirit days such as Jazzercise Day. It was very interesting to see people encouraging others to dress up and seeing them enjoy putting themselves in character for the days. The homecoming dance was an excellent way to encourage student interaction, especially for the freshmen as it presented an opportunity to meet others at the school, even those outside of their own grade. We also liked how ASB brought back the Jester from the school year of 2008-2009, who stole the Homecoming court, which the classes had to rescue. Also, the way the Hawk football team lead the students in the “I believe that we will win” chant which was originally from Utah State University. Not only did we like how everyone seemed united by yelling the chant, but it seemed like there was no doubt that we would win. The uniting of the student body this year was spot on.