Staff Eds

By Hawkeye Staff

Our school offers much more than is displayed at the assemblies

As upcoming assemblies are quickly approaching, the main theme seems to be centered on sports rather than the arts or academics. Only once a year is there an opportunity for MTHS art students to let their talent shine at the arts assembly, as opposed to the three seasonal assemblies dedicated to sports. As well as having great athletes, MTHS is home to many great artists, thespians and musicians who have won many awards. The school should showcase student talent in other areas, too, such as robotics, DECA, and Hi-Q, not just athletics. The school should give all students an equal chance to show off their skills. Although athletics require much talent, there are more than 20 clubs and after school activities that offer students a place to share common interests. So if you feel like assemblies do not show enough variety of the many student interests at this school, there is still time to change; we just need to speak up.


Anti-bullying message is unnecessarily forced too much at this school

This Wednesday, a long advisory will be held to address the issue of harassment and bullying. Last year, then-senior Jessica Williams put together an “anti-bullying” themed spirit week, which included labeling the hallways “Hug Hallway” and “High Five Hallway.” An assembly concluded the spirit week with a speaker address bullying. This year, our Back to School Assembly featured Stu Cabe, a speaker who spoke about the bully and the bullied. Now, MTHS students will be required to sit though an hour long advisory period, listening to advisors ramble on about bullying. Honestly, the school district is putting too much emphasis on bullying.