Huskies to play a memorable game against a long time rival

By admin

The University of Washington will be playing “rival” University of Oregon on Saturday, Nov. 5 in their final game at Husky Stadium before renovations take place.

This “rivalry” allegedly began back in 1948 when Oregon and the University of California were tied for the then-named Pacific Coast Conference. To decidewho would be crowned the winner of the conference and go to the Rose Bowl, the teams would vote for the champion. Oregon accused the University of Washington of talking the University of Montana into voting for California, something that has not been forgotten by Ducks fans.

Many small events along the way have helped to push more bad blood between the two schools. Whether it’s suspicion that Oregon has spat on UW’s plaques in the visitor’s tunnel or, last year, Oregon’s then-new-coach Chip Kelly accused Washington’s then-new-coach Steve Sarkisian of padding quarterback Jake Locker’s stats in the spring games, a mutual feeling of hatred has existed between the two teams.

A few things allow people to argue that this isn’t a legitimate rivalry though. Unlike the Apple Cup (Washington vs. Washington State) or the Civil War (Oregon vs. Oregon State) there is no trophy, and therefore it is not recognized as an official rivalry. Also, Oregon coach Chip Kelly has recently called the Huskies “just another faceless opponent” and that his team will simply carry on with business as usual.

One thing that should be asked in determining whether this is a rivalry or not, however, is that Husky fans definitely don’t like WSU fans, but do they necessarily hate them? There is a much greater hatred towards Oregon, just because of past accusations, because of their big fat Nike sponsorship, and of course, for being one of the few good football schools in the Northwest.

No matter what though, Saturday will turn out to be an eventful day indeed. The Huskies are 6-2, while the Ducks are 7-1 and ranked No. 8 in the nation.