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Invading our sleep

Disregarding the studies and statistics that show that teenagers need as much sleep as when they were babies, the Edmonds School District has brilliantly decided to push the schedule forward; adding 20 minutes to the beginning of school instead of the end. Along with this, the bell schedule has been tinkered with so badly in a failed attempt to fill the day as much as possible, the beginning and end of classes are at times that would take some serious effort to memorize. Since we now have to get up earlier, teachers be prepared for exhausted students for the first week. Hopefully these times don’t get more ridiculous when they’re looked at again at the end of the quarter.


Twenty-one years later

Finally, after 21 years, this building has completely received new carpets, had major work done on the roof, and even had security cameras installed. The incoming freshmen will be able to walk on carpets that aren’t 20 years old, but they won’t know the ease of eating during class. For those who aren’t new to the school, you will no longer be forced to endure extreme hots and colds during class thanks to an apparently major upgrade to the ventilation system.