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The simplest way to stay healthy – drink water

By Abby McDermott

Hawkeye staff

Water makes up about 60 percent of the human body. It is vital to every system in the body.

Everyone knows that water is of the upmost importance to survive, but most are not aware of the benefits that come along with staying hydrated.

Water does so much more than keep bodies living; it provides health benefits that are both proven and extreme.

Dehydration occurs when the body does not have enough water to complete basic, normal functions. It can cause tiredness, lack of energy, and can be very detrimental to ones health.

Every single day water is lost through actions such as breathing, sweating, and urinating. Without replacing that water, dehydration sets in and the body cannot function properly.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that men have about 13 cups or three liters of water a day and women have about nine cups or 2.2 liters a day to stay hydrated and healthy. Drinking enough water and avoiding dehydration can lead to weight loss.

It is extremely important to know that most of this water is gained through food consumption and not necessarily glasses of water.

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Often when one is dehydrated, there is not enough water to get rid of waste products in the body and the kidneys fail to work at their full potential, which means your body requires the liver to help. However when the liver gets involved, it cannot perform its other functions anymore, one of which is burning fat.

When the kidney is functioning fine on its own then the liver can go back to its normal functions, fat gets burned and weight is lost.

Many people who are on a diet plan are told to drink more water than they normally would, to ensure that the liver is doing its job.

Water has also been shown to reduce hunger. Experts have said that cravings for more water have often been misinterpreted as hunger pains, causing people to eat more than their body needs.

By keeping hydrated and drinking plenty of water, the amount of food consumed by an individual will be reduced. Drinking water is a key part of weight loss and many overlook its importance.

Water has plenty of other benefitting factors as well. It helps fight against the flu and other diseases by keeping the body clean of impurities and flushing out unwanted waste.

It helps relieve fatigue and fatigue by getting rid of the dehydration and keeping the body functioning smoothly. It also raises the body’s metabolism and helps with digestion.

Water can help relieve some pains and aches, such as backaches and headaches, as dehydration is the common cause. Cramps and sprains will be reduced as staying hydrated keeps joints and muscles loose and working properly.

Drinking water can keep one more alert and focused as well.

The benefits of staying hydrated are endless. It is such a simple thing to do, yet many people overlook it and do not value the importance of water.

It is especially important for teenagers to keep hydrated as this is the time when the foundations are being laid for future habits.

By simply getting enough to drink throughout the day, people across the globe could be living healthier, more productive, and easier lives.

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