Greg Schwab Column Issue 3

By Principal Schwab

I have had a few things on my mind lately that I wanted to pass along, so here it goes: I must admit, I was more than a little bothered by the last edition’s editorial where it was pointed out that the MTHS Admin team is now comprised of all men and that this gender imbalance could cause female students here to feel they had nowhere to go with concerns that might be hard for them to talk about with a man.

On one hand, I do sympathize with this perspective as I realize that there are topics that can be tough for young women to talk about with a male authority figure. With that in mind, I wanted to remind everyone, both males and females in our school, that a great resource for you when having problems that you need help with is your counselor.

We have five great counselors here in Ms. Petterson, Ms. Egger, Ms. Ummel, Ms. Mosholder, and Ms. Salvatore. They are skilled, caring and very good at what they do. Please don’t hesitate to seek out your counselor for assistance.

Bullying and harassment.

Contrary to the opinion of Hawkeye, our school is not free from this sort of behavior. We are paying a lot of attention to it as a school because it is an incredibly important issue and one that requires us all to take a stand and be a part of the solution.

I wish I could say that we don’t have to deal with this kind of behavior. We do. MTHS is not free from students who choose to engage in behaviors that are hurtful to others. This is why we are placing so much emphasis on it. Activities like our guest speaker who reminded us about the great power in simply being nice to each other, Mix It Up activities at lunch, and school-wide viewing of the video “Bullied” give this issue the importance and emphasis that it deserves.

Creating a school culture where this kind of behavior is not tolerated takes work and it is work that is worth doing.

Finally, thanks to everyone for a great Homecoming Week. From the dress up days to the great assembly on Thursday to the dance Friday night, it was fun and exciting week.

I want to thank Stew and ASB for coordinating the week, and I want to thank all of us for such amazing school spirit and positive energy.