There’s much to celebrate as we wind down 1st quarter

By Greg Schellenberg, Principal

I’d like to take a moment to talk about how amazing Homecoming Week was at MTHS. It felt just right to have the level of Homecoming energy that we had on campus – a full two years since our previous HC week. We were able to use our brand new bleachers for the first time for assemblies. We have had our beautiful, black bleachers for nearly a year. They were used for sports last spring, but this is the first time for an assembly. Junior and senior students should remember the previous set of old, grey bleachers – and the upgrade is astounding.

Regarding assemblies, I’d like to thank the ASB Big 6, Jeannie Brzovic, our cheerleaders, pep band, Darin Faul, Coach Malloy, students and staff for the energy and Hawk spirit. Stephanie Collins in the ASB office sold more than 650 tickets for the social, with long lines! Many people pitched in and contributed to a wonderful experience last week.

The homecoming football game and social event were fun, positive successes. Our team gave a valiant effort Friday night in pursuit of a win. The crowd was packed, energetic, and in full support of our Terrace team. Saturday’s social event was terrific. The weather cooperated with 60+ degrees and not a drop of rain. Students looked fantastic, dressed up and ready to have fun. The mood on Saturday matched the rest of homecoming week – high energy, positivity, and Hawk Pride. Overall, homecoming spirit week, and the events last week, were a reminder of the privilege of being back to in person learning and how great it is to be able to do this again.

As we approach the end of quarter one, it is important to recognize that not everything may be going perfectly. As a school, we still are responding to students and families when help is necessary – everything from flexibility on homework assignments to financial resources for families, we are poised and ready to help out.

If you are in need, please communicate that to your teachers, counselors or a trusted adult at school. We want to be of service to you and we can begin that when we know how to help.

Thank you again for a terrific Homecoming Week. MTHS is truly a special place to be! Go Hawks!