A memorable fall for Terrace athletes, fans

November 17, 2018

Women’s Soccer

The Hawks women’s soccer team, although it doesn’t show it on paper, had a season worth remembering. The Hawks went 1-14-1 overall and 1-12-1 in conference

Going from this year to last year, soccer lost seven seniors and had to replace all of those girls with freshman, which made the team inexperienced.

“The team was really young so us seniors just tried to do our best to understand what team was all about. That means no drama, having fun, and keeping traditions that everybody loves,”  senior Abbi Johnson said.

Despite the bad record, Hawks soccer tried to stay positive throughout everything.

“Our team dynamic was very positive,” Johnson said. “We always tried to stay happy, even when things weren’t looking good. We sure had our ups and downs but we stayed together and didn’t turn against each other.”

Hawks soccer wasn’t at its best this year, but they still had their moments when they felt like it. They played Marysville-Pilchuck on Thursday, Sep. 20 for the second time. The girls went into overtime, the score being 0-0. Johnson ended up scoring the winning goal, which would be the only winning goal of the season.

“The team didn’t do great…but that’s okay,” Johnson said. “The team will go on to do amazing things in the next years and I’m proud to be the first building block on that path to success.”



Although the volleyball team struggled to finish their games with a win, they had a hard fought season.

“I don’t think our record this season truly defined our skill level at all,” senior captain Karly Rismoen said. “I think if we could go back and redo it all, we would. We had so many close matches but had a lot of difficulty focusing on wanting to win.”

The varsity team came into the season having lost quite a few key players from last year and lacking in height from previous years. They finished the season 0-14 in conference and 1-14 overall. The team’s main goal was to rebuild skill from the skilled players they lost from last year’s graduating class and lay the foundations for success in future years. Individually, the volleyball team experienced much growth this year and players were able to show their personal levels of talent.

“I think overall we played pretty well,” Rismoen said. “Our team is very talented individually, we just had difficulty finishing games and really wanting to win as a team.”

Cross Country

The men’s and women’s team had an exceptional season although the expectations were low for this team.

Lindee Cutler, a captain for the women’s team said, “We were expected to do really badly. Our girls team was only expected to have 2 runners, and even though we were lucky enough to have 13, we still got off to a rocky start.  Since we had a brand new coach and so many new runners, we didn’t start officially training until late August. I’m pretty sure we were ranked down into the 50s in our state.”

Junior Alex Williams won the 2A districts title, the men’s team placed second at districts and 4th in the state, and the women’s team sent two runners, Allie Gill-More and Simone Davison, to state and placed 18th.

Jaden Lofrese, a senior captain, said, “Because of our coaches Joel and Jim, the team really came together and decided to focus on improving the cross country team as well as pushed each individual to the best of their limits. The boys’ team did surprisingly good, going to state and taking home a 4th place trophy. The girls’ team was almost built up from scratch having many people join this year and each of them improving tremendously. We brought two girls to state along with the boys’ team so it was extremely successful comparing the expected results.”

Both the men’s and women’s team faced obstacles, injuries and low expectations but they pushed through it all and had an incredible season.


Men’s Tennis

The men’s tennis team this year had a season full of growth. They improved a lot from the previous year despite the fact that they were up against teams from larger schools.

“Terrace tennis this year played 4A schools for the first time in years and it was a huge learning experience as we didnt let that get to our heads and we eventually beat a 4A school at the end of the season,” senior tennis player Andy Shaw said.

The team went 6-8 overall, qualified for subdistricts and sent senior captain Anthony Bunyan to districts. During his last subdistrict match he came from behind and won 3-6, 6-4, 6-4, ending the MTHS tennis season on a high note.

“I’m proud of how far many teammates have come,” Bunyan said. “They have learned so much in such a short period of time that I’m glad I was able to play with all of them.”

Women’s Swim and Dive

The women’s swim team had an outstanding season this year. They went 5-5 overall, won the Edmonds School District Meet for the second year in a row, sent 14 girls to districts and placed in state.

Sally Benedict, a senior captain, on the topic of the teams season said, “I’m so proud of how far our team has come. I remember my freshman year we had 8 girls on the team, we never won a meet, and we didn’t even have our own coach, we shared with Edmonds Woodway.”

Since Benedict first joined swim, the team has come a long way.

“Now we have won the ESD meet for the second year in a row, we have around 20 girls on the team, half our team made it to state, and we have our own coach. It amazes me to see how far we’ve come. I’m so proud of every girl on this team, and I expect great things from them in the future. I’m really going to miss swimming with these girls.”

On top of having a great season, these girls have an amazing bond.

“Our team is very close. I don’t have exact words to describe the team, but we’re a family. We love to sing together, especially Christmas songs, on long bus rides. When we’re halfway through a set we always sing, “WOAH we’re halfway there, WOAH livin’ on a prayer.”  We try to have as much fun as possible.”



For Hawks football, their season was one to remember. Football switched into 2A this year, so they didn’t really know who they were going to be going against. However they expected to make it far into playoffs, and it looked like that was going to happen.

Their conference record was 4-1, making them league champs for the first time in Hawks football history, sharing the division title with Sehome and Bellingham.

Their biggest win for the Hawks was on Friday October 5th against Blaine. The Hawks came ready to play and won 40-0.

However this success came to a slow stop as the Hawks saw their players getting injured. Senior leading receiver/punter/defensive back Brandon Bach who contributed major amounts to the team was out for the rest of the season due to a broken bone in his foot.

Also, senior lineman Arjae Guiao was out for spraining his left ankle, and senior running back/wide receiver/defensive back Mustafa Balikci was benched after suffering a concussion. Not to mention senior wide receiver/defensive back Dominique Latham was playing with a cast on his arm, making catching harder than usual.

With part of the starting lineup being crippled, the Hawks did not advance as far as they wanted to in postseason, but despite the ending the Hawks still had a season to remember.

“I hope more people will be willing to [do] football next year because of how far the team has come over the [past] few years,” Latham said.

Photo of Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis, Sports Co-Editor

Sarah Davis is a junior at MTHS, and this is her second year on staff. She is the Sports Co-Editor this year and her main focus is to work with the other Sports Co-Editor, Kennedy Cooper, to get the most wide range of sports coverage as possible and keep everyone up to date on everything sports. Outside of Hawkeye, Davis plays select softball and also participates in the schools chamber orchestra, playing string bass.

Photo of Kennedy Cooper
Kennedy Cooper, Sports Co-Editor

Kennedy Cooper, a junior and a second year staff member, is the Sports Co-Editor for the Hawkeye. This year she hopes to accurately and efficiently cover all sports available at MTHS. Outside of the organization, she plays select softball and is a music enthusiast.

Photo of Sierra Clark
Sierra Clark, Graphics Editor

Sierra Clark is a senior and currently the Graphics Editor for the Hawkeye; however, she has previously held other leadership positions in order to further her knowledge in the journalism field. This year, Sierra wants to explore new branches of news media while making sure the graphics department runs smoothly and produces professional work. When not doing work for the Hawkeye, Sierra is involved in social and political activism when she's not at concerts.

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