Here’s to a great year and an even better 2018-2019

By Andy Nguyen, ASB Public Relations Officer

Hey Hawks! The year is finally coming to an end and there’s a lot of stuff that has happened since I last talked to you, and I just want to update you guys.

During the month of May, there were a lot of people taking their AP tests and people taking their SBA tests. I’m glad that AP and SBA testing is over with. The month of testing is a stressful month for everyone, but for Seniors, they get to sleep in. So I guess that’s good? Either way, we’re coming up on finals week and I just wanted to wish all of you good luck! We are planning on having some snacks and treats for everyone before and after school for testing week. Just watch out for some hanging snacks somewhere in the school.

We recently had a Multicultural assembly at our school, which showed the different cultures present at our school, ranging from different ethnic to gay cultures. Seeing all of the different kinds of people that are at our school was very exciting, especially watching the dancing and singing performances from a multitude of cultures. Thank you to BSU, LSU and GSA for hosting the assembly, you guys put in a lot of hard work to show the different cultures of our school. The diversity of MTHS is a reason why I’m proud to go here.

With the year coming to an end, everyone is busy studying and trying to make the most of the remainder of their school year. The importance of being safe and secure is what is prevalent. Through times of stress, whether it’s about finals or other problems, we as students need to support and love one another through our hardships. As a big school, we may not talk to one another as much. But if you know anyone who has been going through anything, reach out and support them. Just sparking up a conversation with a stranger can help. We can be a community that can love and support each other through our peaks and valleys, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

Well Hawks, with that being said, we do have a great school year ahead of us next year. With many exciting events coming, I can’t wait to be with you guys for the journey! Some stuff we really want to do next year is to have some more MTHS Merch (such as fanny packs), more events and to try to have a great and positive year overall.

Also, we want to bring the message of #WeAreTerrace to this upcoming school year, whatever we go through and whatever happens to us, we will always be together as a community that will support each other. If you ever have any questions or just want to talk to me about anything, let me know! Of course, you’ll probably see me in the hallways after school or you can contact me via my social media or email. That’s all I have for you. Have a good summer, Hawks!