From Mat Man to Marines


Jacob Allard

Mack slams his opponent into the mats during a hotly contested match. Mack would go on to win the match. Mack was the only senior on the wrestling team this school year.

By Jackson Freund, Lifestyle Editor

From an early age, senior Reyne Mack has been widely seen as a devoted member of multiple organizations and teams. He has been a Boy Scout since he was ten, he was a member of the MTHS football team during his freshman and sophomore years, he was a member of track from his freshman through his junior years and he has played a major role in the school’s wrestling program.

Mack has been apart of wrestling for a total of six years, having started in seventh grade and continuing through his senior year. He first joined wrestling because of his mother, who forced him to join a sport. He had the options of swimming, basketball and wrestling. He chose wrestling because he “couldn’t dribble for [his] life” in basketball and “didn’t like the Speedos” in swimming.

Mack also has participated in the Washington state wrestling championships, getting fourth place in his junior year and 7th in his senior year. He has also won three tournaments in his wrestling career at Terrace.

Mack not only wrestles for the school but also does freestyle Greco-Roman wrestling, a style of wrestling that was founded in 1848 inspired by the wrestling of antique societies and has been in the Olympics since 1896. He placed fourth in state Greco-Roman wrestling this year.

After high school, Mack intends to enter the U.S. Marines and to continue his wrestling career there, when not protecting our country. After serving in the the Marines, Mack has plans to possibly become a wrestling coach to teach the next generation to wrestle.