Stew’s Column

By Hawkeye Staff

I Love Mountlake Terrace High School…and I want you to love it to. I graduated from Ballard High in 1974 and I loved every minute of my high school experience. Why? In the ’70s our BHS community cared about each other. We wanted everyone to be part of the experience regardless of who they were. I have also worked at two other high schools and can say without reservation, MTHS is the greatest place to work and I feel very lucky to work here every day. Our entire staff, from administrators to teachers to support staff as well as students care about every student and their well-being. That cannot be said about other places I have worked.

So, what’s my point you say? Recently the ASB was recognized as one of the few “Outstanding” leadership organizations in the state of Washington. This was achieved because of our ASB’s commitment over the past five years to their school, community service and their efforts to help students at MTHS feel connected. This year’s ASB has continued to make this a point of emphasis as well. When students feel connected they feel safe and do better in school. Wow! What an easy thing to do. If we ALL took a minute to bury our cool cards and our egos and treated each other with respect, empathy and as friends, I truly believe this would be the finest school in the nation.

As an Activities/Athletic Director there are times when I have to make decisions for the good of students and staff. These are not always popular decisions but in my heart I feel they are the right decisions. Let me first preface my upcoming comments with the fact that all student activities are just that, “student activities run and organized by students.” My job is to guide them and to give input when needed. I don’t make these decisions without consulting with administration as a fail-safe way to make sure I am not over-reacting. All of this year’s Homecoming activities were planned by students and, yes, I did veto two things for the good of the school. I said no to “Jersey Shore Day” and no to a video that a group in our building wanted to show. I love it when students from outside of ASB are involved in assemblies or activities. We had over 200 different students be part of the Homecoming Assembly in some way. However there is protocol. First and foremost they must get the OK from ASB. After that I preview all assembly practices and videos before they are allowed (IGE and the humor triangle are part of this protocol).

If there are still students and parents who feel the need to bash someone, then I am your man. Know your facts before blaming ASB. Or here is a novel concept, come talk with them instead of dragging their names through the mud in an online blog. How about a thank you to kids who worked so hard to make Homecoming a positive experience, like the ones who showed up Saturday at 8 a.m. and spent the whole day decorating for the dance. When we start believing “It’s About Us” not “me” this will truly be a great school.