Schwab’s Column

By Hawkeye Staff

A couple of recent incidents involving our student body have me kind of bugged. Since I get to write this column for each edition of the Hawkeye, I thought I’d make this a topic. Simply put — what’s with all the booing and negative cheering going on this year? Twice now I have heard it from our student body and I really don’t like it. The first time I heard it was at a recent Friday football game at the stadium. We were playing Meadowdale and it was a great game. And yet, when it came time for Meadowdale to run on to the field, we greeted them with a loud “boo.” Something we haven’t done in a long time. I won’t say never because I’m sure students have before, but it has been a long time. I looked up in the crowd and for the most part it stopped. There were a few laughs but still I didn’t like the fact that this was how we were representing ourselves at a very public event. Then there was our Fall Sports Assembly. Led by our seniors, there were several times during the assembly where the students in the crowd thought it was OK to boo the freshmen. “Welcome to Terrace and your first pep assembly. BOOOOO…” That wasn’t very cool and definitely not who I think we are as a school and a student body. Since when did it become OK to belittle or ridicule underclassmen? I know, I know, “seniors rule.” Yes, we all know this is your senior year and that you are really excited about it. But why boo the underclassmen? That makes no sense to me.

Why create division in our school? Then came Homecoming. And what a change.

I must admit that I was pretty nervous about the week and what would come of it. Seniors and juniors, you all really showed the freshmen and sophomores how to act. It was so great to see such a showing of unity and school spirit. The whole week ending with the assembly on Thursday reminded me of just how amazing our student body is and how much school spirit we have here. One of the things I am always very proud to tell others about is the amazing school spirit we have here. Terrace is unlike any other place because of the spirit that you all show at assemblies and games. I think you all made that focus of what we do. Seniors, you made it your responsibility to show the underclassmen what it means to be spirited and to be classy and to be positive, support each other, and have fun. We showed once again that there is no place in our school for negativity. There is no place in our school for ridiculing underclassmen at assemblies. We cheer for each other. We are the kind of school and student body that has fun, shows incredible spirit and energy, and most importantly is positive and supports everyone who is a part of our school. Thank you to all of you for a great week and for a great showing of school spirit.