Student athletes sign commitments

By Samantha Svikel, Op-Ed Editor

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Eight senior student athletes at MTHS signed commitment forms for colleges on May 1st at 2 p.m.

Jared Maxfield was signed at Bellevue Community College for Baseball and Academics. Along Carson Dallas who signed at Pacific University in Oregon for Baseball and Academics.

Jessica Ong signed at University of San Diego for cross country and track. Katherine Gustafson signed at Gonzaga for Cross Country and Track.

Kira Doan signed at Western Washington University for softball. Along with Braeden Sims signed at Western Washington University for cross country and track.

Zack Kadri signed at Reedley College for football and finally Grace Romo signed for Blue Mountain Community College for Volleyball.

“This decision to pursue sports at the college level takes dedication,” principal Schwab said.

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