New year, new you

By Samantha Garcia, ASB Public Relations Officer

At the start of this year, we are all guilty of making new year’s resolutions. From “I am going to lose weight” to “I am not going to do notes the day before they’re due,” everyone has that one thing they want to change. This is the start of a new year and we are 5 months into the school so I advise you to look at those resolutions and think “what’s next?”

If you are a senior, it’s graduation, prom, college and much more, but for the rest of the underclassmen, it’s finals.

Stressful times are quickly coming and it’s time for your motivation and persistence to kick into overdrive. It’s vital to know that although these tests are crucial to your grades, do not let them faze you, there are many things you can do to prepare for them.

First things first, get help and talk to your teachers. It’s not too late to ask about a topic that you didn’t understand from chapters ago or study methods for that you could use for the test.

Secondly, find a consistent and quiet study area for the next two weeks. If your room or household isn’t practical then look into local coffee shops, libraries or our very own study hawks held after school.

Thirdly, and most importantly, get good rest. This might seem very repetitive and overall impractical and don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there, cramming for a test at two in the morning and only getting 4 hours of sleep, but it is possible if you make it work.

Also, coffee and Red Bull will not solve this problem; only a rested body will lead to a fully functioning mind in the morning.

I now raise a question for you, the student body: what can ASB do to help? How can we help alleviate this stress? Do we pass out snacks in the morning for those who forgot to eat breakfast? Do we provide words of encouragement for those lacking motivation?

As representative of ASB, I want to say that we want to help this school and its students in any way that we can to strive in their academics and ace their finals! If you have any ideas please feel free to contact anyone in ASB or our advisor.