Chromebooks are not an improvement

By Yannie Tran, Hawkeye staff

There are many disadvantages and consequences to implementing Chromebooks at this school.

                        Yannie Tran

These Chromebooks have caused the Wi-Fi to be shut down which upset many students like myself

because there is no service or very little service in the school. Chromebooks are less useful offline, and with all the computers that are used, the internet is bound to run slower than usual or be down completely at some point.

One of the purposes of computer usage in schools is so that we lower paper usage and “go digital.” Instead, students have to carry notebooks and textbooks for AP classes because we have homework everyday. Overall, the weight of students’ backpacks have increased. For example, the AP Chemistry textbook weighs approximately 3 pounds and is probably not good for your back to carry for long periods of time.

Students can’t take notes on presentations or lectures and while many studies have shown that writing things down helps retain memory, it’s the opposite for me.

There are some pros to typing notes. Many teachers talk fast and even more often, students talk fast when they’re giving presentations. When people are teaching or presenting, a lot of that time goes to waiting for people to finish writing, and even when people use abbreviations and only write the important things there is still waiting.

Typing means that people can get all the necessary information faster. This also means that teachers don’t have to take time deciphering questionable handwriting.

Although Chromebooks are very useful for people who don’t have computers at home, it seems to me that it’s doing more harm than good.

While Google apps sync across devices, which is a useful feature on the Chromebooks, they can be accessed on any device that has an internet connection.

The website that lets us print from Chromebooks does not solve the printing issue because it is not widely known that the website even exists.

The battery is supposed to last for 6 hours but I still have to charge it everyday and I only use them for a maximum of 2 and a half hours a day.

A normal laptop can do everything a Chromebook can do, even access google apps, but with an easier printing process and programs that can run offline such as Microsoft Office with more capability and without sacrificing features.

An easier solution to solving all these issues, while keeping the Chromebook’s quick start up time, is to have a class set of chromebooks in classrooms without computers or even just classrooms that need it.

The system we had before was fine just the way it was.There’s no need to change a system that nobody complained about.