Animal usage: Merciful and usual treatment


Toby Sauceda | HAWKEYE

By Hawkeye Staff

Animal testing has always benefited mankind. Without it we would not have vaccines that

Heidi Lara-Florez | HAWKEYE

save millions of human lives like vaccines for polio and rabies, nor would we have insulin.

What would be more tragic, thousands of Africans dying everyday due to the absence of a vaccine for AIDS, or a couple dogs having irritated skin? We need to get out of the immature mindset of thinking “Oh no, poor rats getting tested on” and realize that testing is a vital part of the medical community.

Not only does testing on animals give us a better outlook on cures for human diseases, but it saves an incredible number of both animal and human lives. If we ever want to advance in the field of medicine, then testing on animals is a must. Those protesting for the prevention or banning of testing are not helping us in anyway. The only option we have is to ensure that the facilities that are carrying out the practice are doing so in an ethical and proper manner.

If animal testing were banned, it would mean us losing the only opportunity we have on gaining information to help us prevent millions of deaths in both man and animal.