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Clinton favors cheap healthcare, education

When it comes to political experience, Sec. Hillary Clinton outmatches every candidate. From her time in the White House as first lady for eight years, to her role as a New York senator and then her tenure as Secretary of State, she has been in the so called ‘system’ for decades in many different positions, which gives her qualities that help and harm her campaign.

“Advantage and disadvantage is her experience; she is the epitome of the establishment politician, [but] the American people are looking for an outside candidate, someone who is not part of the D.C. establishment,” history teacher and non-partisan political observer Adam Bazant said.

Because of Clinton’s political involvement, it isn’t hard to see what she supports. One only has to look at her long voting record from her senatorial days to see what she does and does not support. Currently, she is the Democratic frontrunner for the presidential nomination and has a legitimate chance to win the presidency – the first woman to ever do so in the history of the United States.


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When it comes to the issues at hand, education is a big one for Clinton. As costs of attending college in the United States have risen dramatically in the recent past, Clinton has said she wants to lower these costs and make college more affordable. Early childhood education and affordable preschool are also part of her education plan.

More specifically for colleges though, she wants in-state, four-year public colleges to be debt free for students, according to her campaign website. She also wants community colleges to be free.

To do all of this, her plan is to hold universities accountable for making tuition costs affordable and also to get students, parents and their respective states to all contribute towards this $350 billion dollar effort. That would take students doing what they can, such as working 10 hours a week, and families making an ‘affordable and realistic’ contribution as well.

Expensive plans like these would have to be made through legislation in Congress, so whether a Clinton presidency could make them happen or not is unknown.

“Possible? Absolutely, as for the probability of that, I would say that it’s a little bit lower; it would take compromising, not unlike what her husband did when he was president,” Bazant said.


When it comes to fiscal policy, Clinton focuses largely on ‘strong, fair and long-term growth,’ according to her campaign website. Her plan aims to provide growth for middle class, working Americans in particular.

“[The] middle class is absolutely the backbone of the American economy and the American society; it’s definitely good to strengthen that,” Bazant said.

Clinton’s strategy behind growing the middle class is focused around providing tax relief for hard-working families, investing in education and infrastructure, supporting small businesses and increasing workforce participation. These goals revolve around tax credits for middle and working class families, as well as some tax credits for small businesses.

“It really comes down to taxes and redistribution of wealth and then it comes down to a fundamental belief of what role you think the government plays in society and what role money plays in society,” Bazant said.

Health care

One of the big emphases of Clinton’s campaign is her calling for affordable health care as a basic human right. She wants to do this by maintaining the growth of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

However, Clinton does not go as far as fellow Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders when it comes to claims for creating universal health care. According to PBS Newshour, she supports the idea of universal health care, but does not believe it is politically possible at the current time.

Lowering prescription drug costs and keeping women’s access to reproductive health care open are other important points of hers. This includes plans for the continued funding of Planned Parenthood.

Clinton also wants to invest largely into Alzheimer’s research, due to america’s aging population. Also unique to her policies concerning the health of Americans, is her desire for 12 weeks paid leave for both family and personal medical reasons.

Gun Laws

Gun control and the Second Amendment have become polarizing issues for the United States as of late. Clinton wants to do as much as possible to reduce gun violence, while still not taking away any law abiding citizens’ right to bear arms.

She wants to increase background checks and keep guns away from criminals, the severely mentally ill and domestic abusers, according to her campaign website. She is also in support of a military-style assault weapons ban.


Clinton’s goal for comprehensive immigration reform includes a pathway to citizenship for those who have come to the United States illegally. Along with this, she wants to continue Obama’s executive orders that have given deportation relief to many immigrants, mainly those who have grown up and gone to school here and illegal immigrant parents who have had a child here.

When it comes to the admittance of Syrian Refugees, Clinton said she would like to see the United States take in at least 65,000 refugees, according to CBS News.

“I do know definitively that when it comes to immigration and enforcing the laws and accepting refugees, there is a high degree of influence in the executive [branch]. So I would surmise to say that if Hillary Clinton was elected president and she wanted that to happen, there’s a good chance it would happen,” Bazant said.

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