MTHS Cheer Headed for State Competition after competition at Kentwood

This Saturday, Jan. 30, the MTHS cheer team performed in the state cheer competition at the Alaska Airlines Arena, home of the ‘Udub’ Huskies. The team placed third out of seven teams in the non-tumbling medium division with a score of 63 out of 90.

The team struggled with the stunting portion but were able to excel in the dancing portion of their routine.

“Everyone in the crowd always tells us that our dance is really fun to watch,” senior co-captain Rikki Kuhn said.

After their performance, it was clear that across the board the team was disappointed with how they performed. Despite that, they were still proud of what they were able to pull of on the mat.

“I know that we have done better in the past…” senior cheerleader Joey Owens said. “but i’m happy that people went out there and put their hearts on the floor.”

Compared to cheer’s previous competitions, the state competition was brighter, louder, and more competitive. On top of that, the performances took place in the University of Washington’s enormous Alaska Airlines Arena that is typically used for Division-1 college basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and many more.

“The judges are way scarier and tougher. There’s just a lot of people, and the stadium’s intimidating.” co-captain Taylor Rash said.

Going into awards, the team knew that Kentwood’s black team and Mount Si’s silver team were going to be their toughest competitors. In the end, Kentwood took first and Mount Si second in non-tumbling medium.

“I’m still proud of them… I’m still proud, I think I’m just disappointed because I have high expectations- higher than I’ve had for any other team that I’ve coached. We’re still at state so that’s a huge accomplishment.” coach Jessica Ellersick said.