Staff mini-eds

Staff mini-eds

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Can you remember 210 names?
This year students and teachers are subjected to class sizes as large as 35 in English classes and up to 43 in P.E. classes. That’s right, classes could get even more chaotic around here. One positive is that the best learning is surely done when it is your day to stand, due to the shortage of chairs.

50 years for MTHS
Happy Birthday Terrace! We have persevered through half a century and are still going strong. We have witnessed expansion and growth in every aspect. Our school continues to boast a plethora of renowned programs from music to sports and everything in between. Let’s aim straight and true for our centennial!

Well don’t we feel smart?
Last month the three-acre peat bog island in Lake Ballinger caught fire, which lasted about a week,due to an illegal barbeque. Wow, way to go random teens, ever heard of Smokey the Bear? Apparently everyone but you can prevent wild fires. Now you can add killing a handful of baby eagles and lighting 25-foot trees on fire to your list of accomplishments. You even are responsible for hurting a firefighter who was helping extinguish the fire. Everyone knows that peat fires are the hardest to put out, so next time light another type of ground on fire. But kudos on keeping it contained to an island.

Obama’s health care plan
Health care for just about everyone? Sounds pretty good. People can keep their plan and doctors, people who don’t have health care (over 50 million Americans, 80 percent of whom are from working families) can get health care, and families are protected from going bankrupt due to health care costs. Even if we don’t agree with every little thing in the lengthy bill, we agree it is clearly a good step down the right path.

And they say teens are immature?
Recently, two Hawkeye reporters went to a health care forum at EWHS. Although they were two of the youngest attendees they were shocked at the amount of immaturity, misinformation, viciousness, and overall rudeness that took place. While we are all for free speech, we are also for civility and truth, especially at a forum where the topic at hand is something of high importance. When Representative Jay Inslee would address something like so-called “death panels” numerous people would yell “Liar!” so that the rest of the audience couldn’t hear what the person who actually read the 1000-page bill had to say about it. Regardless of what they were saying, really, no one wants to kill your grandma regardless of what Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck may say.