Summer ball heats up the Terraceum

By Desmond Saisitthidej

Summer: the start of fun, sun, and a whole lot of basketball.

That life started June 1 when 39 teams showed up in

the Mountlake Terrace High School parking lot suited up

and ready to hoop.

The Summer League Basketball Program started five

years ago with just 18 teams and has grown now to 39 and

includes schools such as Seattle Prep, Glacier Peak, and

even Roosevelt High School. The summer league is not

all fun and games though; the basketball program raises a

lot of revenue from this month-long event, for things like

summer camp at Washington State University, basketballs,

and anything the program needs.

One benefit of the summer league is that it is a great

team builder.

Coach Nalin Sood said, “The summer league builds program

unity. A lot of work is put in to make each game


The summer league is not just fun and games. Every year

at the end of summer, there is a tournament. Summer

league is everyday with teams alternating every other day.

According to Sood, “Coaches are tired but players are

not. 16 and 17 are your peak years of energy; fatigue is

not a factor.”

Basketball is a team game but there are always players

who need to fill their role in order for a team to win

and those people include “everyone,” according to Sood.

“Last year, [ Jacob] Champoux stepped up and really carried

the team. Last year’s team had good character,” Sood

said. “Seniors need to show character and commitment in

order for this year’s team to leave a mark on the Mountlake

Terrace Basketball program.”

If practice makes perfect, then the Hawks and other

participating schools are sure to be neck and neck in next

year’s standings.