Stewart: A better way to voice your opinion


“No good deed goes unpunished.” I heard this phrase roughly 10 years ago from a person I have come to trust and admire.

This comment was never as true as it was last week when opposition to the “Battle of the Sexes” week took on a life of its own.

One of the benefits of being in ASB is the opportunities you get to visit with student leaders from other schools. Our student leaders have had the chance to share ideas that have been successful at our school, and vice versa. One thing that always rings true is the fact that what works at one school may not work at ours.

For the past three to four years now, Big Six officers have pushed to have a “Battle of the Sexes.” To make a long story short, I felt they had a good plan and I spoke to two other advisors from others schools who said it worked great at their school. So, we decided to give it a shot.

Now, I am not here to defend or apologize for the Big Six attempting, with my blessing, to make Battle of the Sexes come to pass. I am here to voice my contempt for how some students choose to use social media to express their opinions. I always tell my leadership students that I can’t grade you down for your opinion when presented properly.

And those who choose to be in a position of leadership also learn the fine art of being “empathetic.” Simply put, “be a good listener.” You may not agree with what is said, but if you choose to be in your position, it’s part of the gig to listen.

The ASB students were elected by you, the students, to take on the tasks of keeping traditions alive, trying new activities and creating their own legacy. When they ran for office there was nothing warning them that it’s possible at times that they would get roasted, verbally abused, chastised and ridiculed via tweets, Facebook, texts, etc. And most of these comments are signed “anonymous.”

Every student in this school has a voice and a place where this voice will be heard and taken seriously. We have an ASB meeting every other Friday in which we welcome every student to attend. It’s a place where we want and welcome your feedback and yes, need your opinions.

When you send things through the void of social media that’s where they stay, in the void. And as another wise man always says, “be nice to everybody.”

NOTE: Hawkeye provides the MTHS Athletics and Activities office space each issue in the Op/Ed section as part of our mission as a designated open public forum.