Letter to the editor: STEM in the new age

Preparing you for the professional world

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) classes are very powerful and important for our future, and will produce tomorrow’s geniuses. I think that STEM classes teach important skills that everyone should know.

The difference between advanced math classes, other advanced science classes and STEM, is that almost all of what we learn in STEM is applicable in daily life. This isn’t to say that advanced math and science aren’t important. We actually use some of the things we learned in those classes daily in our STEM classes.

STEM classes also teach us the things we need to know for the changing world. Engineering jobs are in demand, and the demand is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. The STEM field is bigger than a lot of people think it is, and is a lot more important to every human on earth than people realize. Look at anything man made, it was designed and built by engineers, this is why I said it can be applied often in every day life.

We use the laws of nature and the properties of certain materials along with a lot of creative thinking to improve and advance the human race.

Ryan Dunne