What would we do without you guys?

By admin

In the last issue of the year, the Hawkeye staff would like to thank everyone who contributed to our success this year.
Thank you for your time, energy, commitment and support. We attended two national conventions this year and was awarded 7th in the Nation this spring. We also received Recognition of Excellence from WJEA at the state conference. This year, with your help, we volunteered at the Orion Center with food and blankets and once again produced a successful Jam Session. So here in our limited space are some specific thank you’s just to show a twinkling of our gratitude.
Students and Faculty: Thank you so much for your readership and support this school year. One of the reasons the Hawkeye has enjoyed success is because there is always news at Terrace from the interesting students and staff. We can hardly wait to serve you again next year.
Mark Isakson: Thank you for being awesome; need we say more? You have done a fantastic job as adviser working one-on-one with students, passing on your computer savvy to more generations of Hawkeye staff and for spreading your passion for our First Amendment rights across the school and beyond. We are very sad to see you go and wish you the best of luck in your next job. We will miss you.
Greg Schwab, Erin Murphy and Scott Morrison: Thank you so much for ensuring the safety of our First Amendment rights. Thank you for being easy to work with and great instructors of professionalism and responsibility. Thank you for caring about our school and our organization and we are excited to work with you next year. Hawkeye thrives because of you.
Kim Stewart and ASB: Thank you for caring so much about MTHS students. You are so helpful to our organization and we know we would be nowhere near as successful without you. This year has been difficult with declining funding but you still do an amazing job making this school a great place. Thank you for your hard work and cooperation. We hope to have another great year with you next year.
Nadine Coombs: Thank you for being so patient with us and for working so hard to make sure we could open the concessions stand and send students off to conventions. You have helped us to go so far (literally).
Hawkeye Parents: You are our secret weapon. You build us wheels, bring us food, help with Orion Center, and chaperone our events. Thank you so much for understanding how important our work is and continuing to believe in and motivate us. You are astounding.
Vincent DeMiero: Words cannot express our gratitude for our adviser emeritus in his help with Jam Session, conventions, guidance, and long weekend crunches. Thank you for always cheering us on and always “having” time to help. We will never forget what you have taught us, nor your passion for journalism.
DeMiero Family: Where to begin? Other than sacrificing one more family member to the vortex called Hawkeye, you have been constant motivators and encouragement. Thank you for the many hours you spent helping our eight issues, a special issue, Jam Session and conventions all run smoothly.
Scott Bush: You are always there for conventions, sporadically show up throughout the year and always try to remain available for retreats. Thank you for your continual support, great roll modeling and fond memories.
Tim Cashman and Michael Wewer: You two have graciously shared your classroom space with the Hawkeye even when we leave our papers lying all about and meeting notes on the board. Thank you for being so encouraging, supportive, and understanding of our work. We hope to work again with you both.
Jim “Animal” Pecotte and Lynda McDougal: Though we do not see you all the time and cannot enjoy your company on crunch nights or after all-staff meetings, we are always thinking of you and are eternally grateful for your continual encouragement. You will always be part of our Hawkeye family. We miss you two!
Richard Fazakerley, Terry Fain and Pacific Publishing: Thank you for helping us get out eight great issues—two of which have received awards. Thank you for remaining flexible, even when we are running late and for working with us past all our bedtimes. Most of all, thank you for helping high school journalists print their newspapers and exercise their rights.
Advertisers: Thank you for continuing to support our paper, even when budgets are thin. We appreciate your interest and hope to continue with you next year. We need you.