The economy is only getting worse

By Shahrum Ali

We are living in exponential times. For example, did you know that it is predicted that this year will generate 4 exabyte’s (4×10^19) of unique information? That’s more info than the past 5,000 years. But, amongst these wild changes, the threat of the status quo is also rising exponentially. “Wars” are still raging at an alarming rate for no adequate reason, destroying cultures and civilizations, breeding horrid chaos and ignorance, all without an end in sight. Five percent of the world continues to run the politics of the rest. The economy is turning into another great depression on a global scale. The world is taking a sharp turn, and our generation has the power to decide what’s around the corner. Either we recognize these problems and do something, or we continue to ignore them and procrastinate.
Take the advice of Martin Luther King Jr. and judge our current over hyped president “by the content of [his] character, and not by the color of his skin.” Since his campaign, Obama has extended his dates on the supposed withdrawal on Iraq. He’s flip-flopped on Iran in front of different audiences. The military budget has risen from the Bush era. He wants to escalate chaos in Afghanistan in an unwinnable war by defeating an imaginary enemy. Its neighbor, Pakistan, has also reported numerous U.S. assaults on innocent villagers in the name of “fighting terrorism.” He ignorantly backed Georgia when they attacked their neighbors the “evil Russians.” U.S. policy continues to aid the Israeli government in its 60+ years of Palestinian oppression.
Meanwhile back at home, in the midst of an economic recession that’s snowballing out of control, he has supported unpopular banker bailouts and an economic “stimulus” package made up of more of your money than the total current cost of Iraq. Furthermore, Chrysler is failing and legal deals are being made with contracts, lenders, and the government. One company, Perella Weinberg, was forced to quit from these negotiations because, according to attorney Tom Lauria, his client “was directly threatened by the White House, and in essence compelled to withdraw its opposition to the deal under threat that the full force of the White House press corps would destroy its reputation if it continued to fight.”
The White House is infested with lobbyists, such as William Lynn, Mark Patterson, and the now head of the CIA and king amongst Wall Street lobbyists, Leon Panetta. Taking these facts into consideration after just 100 days, does this justify the “change” we were all promised? However, it is important to realize energy should not be directed at blaming Obama alone, as we’ve had all the presidents after JFK to blame as well. Energy should be directed towards realizing that there is no real difference from the right or the left; they’re two wings on the same bird. As Jesse Ventura always says, politics is like professional wrestling. In front of the crowd they seem to fight each other, but in the back rooms, they’re all buddies. Trust people, not parties, nor mainstream media outlets. Breakaway from this false left-right paradigm that most of the older generation is trapped in.
The most talked about thing right now, news wise, is the economy. There is one concept that requires understanding: inflation. Inflation is when a currency losses it’s purchasing power. The government, to pay for massive programs such as the “stimulus” package, has to get the money from somewhere. Well, you can either tax the money, which would be counter-productive, borrow it, which would further burden the American trillions in debt, or print it. Printing money out of thin air devalues current currency (inflation) and every dollar you own loses worth. The money is printed by a private entity known as the Federal Reserve, which, as previous chairmen Alan Greenspan paraphrased, is above the Federal government itself. Translation: the worthless pieces of paper in your wallet are backed by nothing, not even trust in the government. Economist Peter Schiff, though mocked in the mainstream till now, has been predicting for this crash before it was even thought a possibility. “You can’t spend your way out of a recession” echoes Schiff and other economists with some common sense. Schiff understands that everything the government is doing is going to deepen the recession, not cure it. Take college for example. Why do you think college prices are so high? Government loans. A couple of generations ago, a student could afford a decent university by working as a waiter during the summer, without loans, scholarships, or outside help of any kind.
The crisis has just begun. Peter Schiff predicts that with all this government interference we’re headed for a hyperinflationary depression. Congressman Ron Paul is in the same boat, and knows that the ultimate end will be the destruction of the dollar. Though readers may be too young to understand or take action now, intelligent economists like Schiff say financial protection lies in buying gold. Gold has real value and can protect against inflationary measures. In 2004, gold bottomed at $250 an ounce; in the future, don’t be surprised to see it at $2,500.
Unfortunately, things only get worse from here. Gerald Celente is the foremost renowned trends researcher, who uses current events to predict future outcomes, such as the 1987 stock market crash or the collapse of the Soviet Union. He also predicted this economic state of being, documenting this last year as “the collapse of ’08.” Celente predicts that we are headed towards the “Greatest Depression.” Because people will lose and keep losing, crimes are going to go through the roof, rivaling third world countries. New York City will look like Mexico City, the United States itself becoming a dangerous place. Tax revolts, hunger riots, violence, kidnapping’s will be a norm. Not to mention the tens of millions of guns just lying around. The survival instinct will erupt. Christmas shopping will be about food rather than retail gifts. We will see the U.S. becoming the first “undeveloped country.” Celente has a saying: “when people lose everything and they have nothing to lose, they lose it.” Over the next half a decade, our generation is going to go through much worse than the depression of the 1930s. In order for things to get any better, government has to stop interfering, let capitalism take its place. Innovation must create new jobs, like the Internet did in the 1990s recession. The best course of action would be to gain protection, stay proactive and gain the right information, or as Celente describes it as “attacking the attacker.”