Letter to the Editor: Faith and science are not the same

President Barack Obama said, “I believe there’s a difference between science and faith. That doesn’t make faith any less important than science. It just means they’re two different things.” As stated by President Obama, there isn’t an order of science and faith. They are, however, two completely different things. Faith matters and it’s important, yet creationism and faith are not the same as evolution and science.

Evolution is a well backed up theory. The definition of a theory as taught in a high school biology class is “a well-tested explanation that unifies many observations.” As of now, there is no unified definition of creationism taught in high school. Creationism has a very little amount of fact to back it up, therefore cannot be considered a theory. Considering creationism would be taught in a science classroom, it makes sense that we should use scientific vocabulary and hold creationism up to scientific standards.

One parent had a problem with this, so the Edmonds School District stepped right up and said science classes will not teach creationism. “Science classes are strictly for teaching science, that’s the ESD policy,” biology teacher Adam Welman said.

Perhaps some of the hundreds of schools in the United States that teach creationism could take note. As seen at MTHS, students practice faith by participating in Youth Group and carrying Bibles to read when they have free time. As far as we can tell, these students have fun keeping their faith and accepting evolution.

As the aforementioned parent believes, a good chunk of America has the belief that creationism is just the same as science. While it’s important to have firm beliefs and often times stand up for those beliefs, it’s also important to not impose your beliefs onto others. The public school system has held the power to dictate what should be taught publicly. The school district chooses the curriculum that has been tested and proven to be true. For example, in history classes, the school district only allows students to be taught events that actually happened, events that have a multitude of sources backing them up. Science classes should be held up to the same standards by teaching only events that have a multitude of very credible sources to back it up, something that creationism doesn’t even have a trace of.

While creationism is believed by some people, the vast majority of science today has backed up evolution. Scientific evidence to back up creationism is almost nonexistent. I suggest we continue down this path and avoid having creationism spread to other school districts.