Counselor reassignments made too abruptly for returning students


Recently, counselors assignments were shifted so that many students were placed under advisement of a different counselor.

For example, Counselor Evan Hatch will advise all of the incoming freshman class instead of a portion of the entire student body.

These changes are understandable, as counselors for specific grades will be more adept to the issues and challenges of a particular grade level.

However, returning students are subject to an abrupt shift in who they go to for help. Students develop a connection and bond with their counselors during their four years at Terrace. A new counselor means a lot of new explaining on the part of the student.

Many students and counselors have been accustomed to each other and how they work, but with the new arrangements they have to recreate those connections.

Some students going into their senior year have had the same counselor for three years, but now will have to switch to someone new. They might not be able to create as close of a unity. They might not get the chance at all with just one year left of high school.

We hope students will still be able to meet with their original, trusted counselor for personal concerns or for advising on special matters.

The relationship and understanding between a student and his or her counselor is not easily nor quickly replaced.

The staff editorial represents the views of the Hawkeye Editorial Board