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Dress code unfairly punishes female students

Dress code unfairly punishes female students

By Stephanie Garcia

October 9, 2013

People express themselves through the way they dress just as they do through their speech. However, schools all over the country claim that dress codes are necessary to promote safety, prevent gang activity and “disruption to the educational process.” While those are very respectable points on wh...

Cell phones should be used, not refused

By Mike Guevarra

March 11, 2013

For quite some time now, cell phones have been stuck with a bad reputation in classrooms everywhere. The piece of technology many people cannot bear without is rebuked in schools. Considered one of our generation’s most profound inventions is cast aside in classrooms for us to adore Gutenberg’s...

No shoes, no school, no sympathy

By Megan Resler

April 14, 2010

Several students took part in an event last Thursday aimed at bringing awareness and empathy to impoverished third world countries. The event, networked through Facebook, required students to walk barefoot through the halls. That didn’t go over well, however, with school officials. The dress...

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