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Risks of driving high may be greater than you think

Risks of driving high may be greater than you think

By Olivia Driscoll

April 18, 2013

Teens are often warned not to drink and drive, but something that is far less stressed to young drivers is the danger of driving under the influence of marijuana. In a study by Monitoring the Future (MTF), it was found that one in 12 high school seniors reported that they had driven after smoking marij...

The Mountlake Terrace pot problem

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By Nick Fiorillo, Editor-in-Chief

April 16, 2013

With the passing of Initiative 502, Mountlake Terrace and cities all across Washington could expect a brand new kind of store to open up: a store that sells marijuana. Tasked with creating the guidelines for how marijuana will be produced, processed and sold, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB)...

Legalizing pot is not the end of the world

By Spencer Froelick

October 7, 2012

America is a confused nation. Like so many cattle milling about a pasture wondering if we should moo or make some other noise that cattle enjoy making, we are a house divided against itself, completely unable to stand. For every supporter of a given cause, there are two opposers. For every issue that...

Local marijuana dispensary dispute

By Hawkeye Staff

February 24, 2010

Two men from Mountlake Terrace are now threatening to sue the city after their request for a business license to open a medical marijuana dispensary was rejected. Todd Madison and Aaron Panagos have both been using marijuana in the place of painkillers, which they claim never worked for them, for y...

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